The Corona Parent Advisory Group (CPAG) is made up of parents who are committed to encouraging our youth to realize their full potential. It is a completely volunteer organization that was formed in April 2003. No board member is paid for his/her time or service and CPAG has no employees. All resources are used solely to assist students. CPAG was originally formed in order to support African American students, however, since 2005 students taking advantage of the program have come from a more diverse student population. The only requirement in place for students is that they be an active member in BSU (Black Student Union) activities at Santiago High School. 

Our main objective is to show students the many opportunities available to them provided they put forth the effort necessary to improve themselves through education. CPAG does this by inviting guest speakers, who through their presentations, increase student awareness and interest in a variety of career opportunities. Previous guest 

speakers include those from a variety of backgrounds such as:  Judges, Attorneys, Entrepreneurs, Chefs, Engineers, Firefighters, Architects, Law Enforcement, and Various College Spokespersons. We also sponsor/organize field trips to various colleges, to the Riverside County Courthouse and various museums as well. 


We perform grade checks and interventions to motivate and remind students of the consequences of their actions. Students who attain 3 A's (not counting P.E.) are rewarded with gift certificates and recognition lunches. Students who excel all four years, with a GPA above 3.0 are able to apply for C.P.A.G. scholarships. In addition, various awards are given at our annual Night of Stars Awards Banquet. All senior members of BSU with a GPA above 3.0 also receive Kente graduation stoles showing their commitment to both academic success and club involvement.

CPAG is generously supported by the Corona Norco Unified School District, School Board, Corona Fire

and Police Departments and Corona City Council. Through the organization’s joint efforts with Santiago High School, we have been able to reduce the achievement gap for black students from 24.5% to 5.8% while raising the school's API score. There has also been a 50% drop in disciplinary problems since our involvement. In addition, we have seen grade point averages for black students rise from an average of 2.3 to 2.9 over the past nine years. We conduct a student-led after school study hall that is well attended. CPAG arranges for the location and provides both snacks and an advisor.


In summary, CPAG is dedicated to helping parents do all we can to improve our children's educational experience. We do not blame the school or anyone else for a student's academic shortcomings. Instead, we hold ourselves accountable. Our desire is to help the school district improve our children's educational experience by remembering we all play an important role in their success.